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PIECE BY PIECE was started accidentally. We were sitting at our kitchen table trying to decide what gifts to give our friends for the winter holidays when it dawned on us that almost all the presents we needed were for women. As women ourselves, we thought that what we most like to receive was jewelry, but our budget was tight and our list was long.

We looked high and low for reasonably priced, unique jewelry to fit the personalities of our friends but were not able to find pieces which met our desire for both the artistic and the affordable. So we ended up making the jewelry ourselves.

We were a hit! Now we sell our one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets and necklaces at local craft and trade shows and on consignment.

Peggy Wilson

Peggy Wilson came to the Boston area in the 1970s and worked as a graphic designer until 1995 when she had a stroke caused by Ovarian Cancer. She returned home in 1996 after 10 months in hospitals and nursing facilities.

Due to damage caused by the stroke, Peggy was unable to return to work. Making jewelry is therefore both a therapy and a source of supplemental income for her.

Amy Lindsay

Amy Lindsay came to the Boston area in the 1980s with an engineering degree and an electric typewriter. So, of course, she started working as a freelance Technical Illustrator. From there she has worked in typesetting, display and print advertising, type design and graphic design for the Web. She returned to freelancing in 1994, concentrating on documentation and technical marketing.

In addition to taking care of Peggy and making jewelry, Amy freelances as a graphic designer, illustrator, web site consultant and technical writer.


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